Track & field

National Qualifiers

4x100 Men's Provisional (Akers, Wedel, Van Roekel, TeBrink) GPAC 20th
4x400 Women's Auto (Muilenburg, Oostra, Landhuis, Spranger) Drake 13th
4x400 Men's Auto (Lemon, Wedel, Johnson, TeBrink) GPAC 20th
4x800 Women's Auto (Bosch, Muilenburg, De Jong, Landhuis) GPAC 3rd
4x800 Men's Auto (Hollinger, Weitgenant, Johnson, Rose) Red Raider Open 5th
Shot Put Derrick Hurt-Auto (Red Raider Open) 21st
400m Lauren Spranger-Auto (GPAC) 15th
5K Will Norris-Provisional (Kip Janvrin) 21st
Heptathlon Abby Stevens-Provisional (GPAC) 10th
Decathlon Jordan Strand-Provisional (GPAC) 21st
2016 NAIA Indoor National Qualifiers (bold denotes Auto mark)
60m Jahdai Dunk-Provisional (GPAC) 33rd
400m Lauren Spranger-Auto (Dennis Young, SDSU) 6th
600m Katie Landhuis-Auto (BVU)  12th
600m Rebekah Muilenburg-Auto (BVU) 10th
600m Kyle Anderson (Dennis Young) 20th
600m Elliott Johnson-Auto (BVU)-21st
600m Aaron Lemon-Auto (BVU)-18th
800m Katie Landhuis-Auto (SDSU) 11th
800m Peter Hollinger-Auto (BVU)-8th
800m Kyle Anderson-Auto (SDSU) 3rd
1000m Ryan Weitgenant-Auto (BVU) 9th
Mile Tim Rose-Provisional (BVU)-18th
3000m Will Norris-Auto (SDSU)-8th
Pentathlon Abby Stevens-Auto (GPAC) 18th
Heptathlon Jordan Strand-Provisional (Dennis Young) 36th
4x400 Women's  Auto (Muilenburg,Sorenson,Landhuis,Spranger)(GPAC) 11th
4x400 Men's Provisional (Lemon, Krier, Johnson, TeBrink) 12th
4x800 Women's Auto  (Bosch,Muilenburg,Lunn and Landhuis) 6th
4x800 Men's Auto  (Weitgenant,Rose,Johnson,Hollinger) 1st
Distance Medley Auto (Goetsch, TeBrink, Hollinger, Smith) 14th

2015 NAIA Outdoor National Qualifiers
800m Kyle Anderson-Auto; SC Relays (6th)
100m Hurdles Karen Ettleman-Auto; SC Relays (7th)
4x100 (Men's) Auto; GPAC Outdoor
4x400 (Women's) Auto; Drake Relays; 8th
4x800 (Women's) Auto; GPAC Outdoor
4x800 (Men's) Auto; SC Relays, Drake Relays (3rd)
Long Jump Karen Ettleman-Auto; Red Raider Open (10th)
Discus Levi Ettleman-Auto; Red Raider Open (11th)
Discus Dalton Kelley-Auto; Red Raider Open (17th)
Shot Put Levi Ettleman-Auto; SC Relays (5th)
Shot Put Cody Bauman-Auto; Red Raider Open (13th)
Javelin Karen Ettleman-Auto; GPAC Outdoor
Heptathlon Karen Ettleman-Auto; Red Raider Open (2nd)
Decathlon Jordan Strofaci-Auto; Red Raider Open (4th)
100m Jahdai Dunk-Provisional; Red Raider Open (24th)
200m Karen Ettleman-Provisional; GPAC Outdoor
400m Lauren Spranger-Provisional; GPAC Outdoor
Heptathlon Abby Stevens-Provisional; Red Raider Open (18th)
Decathlon Jake Auerbach-Provisional; GPAC Outdoor
2015 NAIA Indoor National Qualifiers
60m Karen Ettleman-Provisional (22nd); Dordt Open
60m Hurdles Karen Ettleman-Auto (16th); Dordt Open
400m Lauren Spranger-Auto (14th); BVU Open
400m Megan Walhof-Provisional (25th); BVU Open
600m Katie Landhuis-Auto (14th); Wartburg Open
600m Megan Walhof-Auto (13th): SDSU Invite
600m Elliott Johnson-Provisional (22nd); Gene Glader Open
800m Katie Landhuis-Auto (20th); BVU Open
800m Skyler Giddings-Auto (17th); SDSU Invite
800m Kyle Anderson-Auto (10th); SDSU Invite
1000m Skyler Giddings-Auto (9th); Dordt Open
1000m Kyle Anderson-Auto (8th); Wartburg Open
Mile Tim Rose-Auto(22th); SDSU Invite
4x400m Women's-Auto (11th); Gene Glader Open
4x800m Men's-Auto (1st); SDSU Invite
Distance Medley Men's-Provisional (14th); SDSU Invite
Shot Put Cody Bauman-Provisional; GPAC 
Long Jump Karen Ettleman-Auto (6th); Dordt Open
Pentathlon Karen Ettleman-Provisional (2nd); BVU Open
Pentathlon Abby Stevens-Provisional (26th); BVU Open
Heptathlon Jordan Strofaci-Provisional (6th); Minnesota State
Heptathlon Noah Hollinger-Provisional; GPAC


Outdoor Track and Field

Event Qualifiers
400m Lauren Spranger (Auto-ranked ); GPAC Championship
800m Dawn Gildersleeve (Provisional-ranked 24th); Mount Marty Invite
Heptathlon Karen Hutson (Auto-ranked 4th); Red Raider Open
Heptathlon Abigail Stevens (Auto-ranked 17th); Red Raider Open
4x400 (W) Auto; ranked   (Drake Relays)
Decathlon Jordan Strofaci (Auto-ranked 1th); Red Raider Open
Decathlon Noah Hollinger (Auto-ranked 28th); Red Raider Open
Discus Dalton Kelley (Auto-ranked 24th); Concordia Twilight
Discus Levi Ettleman (Auto-ranked 15th); Red Raider Open, Mount Marty
Shot Put Levi Ettleman (Provisional-ranked  ); Concordia Twilight
800m Kyle Anderson (Auto-ranked 11th); SC Relays
800m Taylor Bodin (Auto-ranked 13th): SC Relays
4x800 (M) Auto; ranked 7th; SC Relays; Drake Relays
High Jump Matt Huseman (Auto-ranked 3rd); SC Relays, Red Raider Open
4x800 (W) Provisional; ranked 15th; SC Relays
4x100 (M) Provisional; ranked 11th); SC Relays
Long Jump Karen Hutson (Auto-ranked 5th): Wildcat Invite; SC Relays
100m Hurdles Karen Hutson (Auto-ranked 6th); Wildcat Invite; SC Relays
100m  Jeriah Dunk (Provisional; ranked 21st); Wildcat Invite


Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifiers
1000m Dawn Gildersleeve (Auto-ranked 18th); GPAC Indoor
800m Taylor Bodin (Auto-ranked 9th): Dordt Invite; GPAC Indoor
1000m Kyle Anderson (Auto-ranked 18th): Dordt Invite
55m Jeriah Dunk (Provisional; ranked 23rd): Dordt Invite
55m Hurdles Kyle Heidebrink (Provisional); Dordt Invite
1000m Logan Hovland (Provisional); Dordt Invite
55m Hurdles Abigail Stevens (Provisional); Dordt Invite
4x400 (W) Megan Walhof, Emily Culver, Jackie Niewenhuis, Lauren Spranger (Provisional)
High Jump Matt Huseman (Auto-ranked 8th): multiple meets
400m Megan Walhof (Auto-ranked 22nd): Gene Glader Invite
400m Lauren Spranger (Auto-ranked 24th): Gene Glader Invite
800m Kyle Anderson (Provisional): Gene Glader Invite
Pentathlon Abigail Stevens (Auto-ranked 11th); BVU Open; GPAC Indoor
Heptathlon Jordan Strofaci (Auto-ranked 21st); BVU Open
Men's 4x800 Taylor Bodin, Logan Hovland, Skyler Giddings, Kyle Anderson-(Auto-ranked 5th)- BVU Open; GPAC Indoor
Long Jump Kaitlin Floerchinger (Provisional); GPAC Indoor


Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
Decathlon Jace Ver Steeg (GPAC Championship)
  Jordan Micalef (GPAC Championship)
  Noah Hollinger (GPAC Championship)
110m Hurdles Kyle Heidebrink @ Mount Marty
100m Dash Jeriah Dunk (NAIA B) @ GPAC Championships
4x800 (Men's) Provisional @ Drake Relays, Sioux City Relays
400m Hurdles Karen Hutson (NAIA Auto) @ Sioux City Relays, Mount Marty
100m Hurdles Karen Hutson (NAIA Auto) @ Central, Mount Marty
Long Jump Karen Hutson (NAIA Auto) @ Sioux City Relays, Mount Marty
High Jump Matt Huseman (NAIA Auto) @ Central, Dordt, SC Relays
Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
1000m Logan Hovland (NAIA Auto) @ Dordt Invite
4x800 Relay (W) Gildersleeve, Hobbs, Niewenhuis, Spranger (NAIA Auto)
4x800 Relay (M) Giddings, Wittenberg, Hovland, Bodin (NAIA Auto)
High Jump Matt Huseman (NAIA Auto) @ Iowa State, BVU, Dennis Young, Dordt
60m Jeriah Dunk (NAIA B) @ Dennis Young
60m Hurdles Kyle Heidebrink (NAIA B) @ Dordt Mini, @ BVU Open, @ Dennis Young
400m Megan Walhof (NAIA B) @ Dordt Invite
800m Skyler Giddings (NAIA B) @ Iowa State
1000m Dawn Gildersleeve (NAIA B) @ Dordt Invite
Long Jump Kaitlin Floerchinger (NAIA B) @ Dordt Mini


Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
100m Hurdles Karen Hutson (Central; Dordt; Red Raider Open)
High Jump Matt Huseman (Central; Grand View)
Discus Danie Fry (Dordt Invite-Provisional)
4x800 (W) (Red Raider Open)
4x800 (M) (Red Raider Open)
Heptathlon Elizabeth Stevens (Red Raider Open-Provisional)
Discus Dalton Kelley (Red Raider Open-Provisional)
110m Hurdles Kyle Heidebrink (Red Raider Open-Provisional)
100m Brandon Hammack (Red Raider Open)
400m Hurdles Karen Hutson (Grand View Open)
Long Jump Karen Hutson (Grand View Open)
High Jump Kendra De Jong (GPAC Outdoor)
Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
High Jump Matt Huseman-NAIA Auto (Dennis Young)
4x800 Women's NAIA Auto (Dennis Young)
4x800 Men NAIA Auto (Concordia)
1000m Dawn Gildersleeve (Dordt)
60m Jeriah Dunk-NAIA Prov (Concordia)
Shot Put Danie Fry-NAIA Prov. (Dennis Young)
600m Krystina Bouchard-NAIA Auto (Dordt)
600m Brianna Hobbs-NAIA Auto (Dordt)
800m Brianna Hobbs-NAIA Prov. (Dennis Young)
800m Teresa Kerkvliet-NAIA Prov. (Dordt)
800m Dawn Gildersleeve-NAIA Prov. (Concordia)
1000m Teresa Kerkvliet-NAIA Auto. (Concordia)
1000m Logan Hovland-NAIA Auto (Concordia)
Pentathlon Elizabeth Stevens-NAIA Auto. (NWC Multi)


Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
1500m Dawn Gildersleeve-NAIA Auto (Doane Relays)
Discus Logan Ogden-NAIA Auto (Red Raider Open)
High Jump Matt Huseman-NAIA Auto (Red Raider Open)
5000m Charity Miles-NAIA Auto (Vance Butler)
Heptathlon Elizabeth Stevens-Provisional (Red Raider Open)
4x800 Women's Scholten, Hobbs, Gildersleeve, Miles- Auto (Doane Relays)
100m Brandon Hammack-NAIA Auto (USF Relays)
100m Jeriah Dunk (Provisional-USF Relays)
100m Hurdles Andrea Larson-(Provisional-GPAC)
100m Hurdles Stacey Dietrich-(Provisional-GPAC)
Hammer Dani Fry- (Provisional-GPAC)
Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
Shot Put Dani Fry (Dordt Invite)
Weight Throw Kara Den Herder-(Dordt Invite)
5000m Charity Miles (Iowa State)
  Sara Hess -Provisional (Iowa State)
3000m Charity Miles (BVU Open)
  Sara Hess (BVU Open)
1000 Dawn Gildersleeve (Iowa State)
1 Mile Dawn Gildersleeve-Provisional (BVU Open, Dennis Young)
High Jump Matt Huseman (BVU Open, Dennis Young)
Shot Put Kiley Murra (BVU Open, Dennis Young)
Distance Medley BVU Open
55m Jeriah Dunk-Provisional (Dennis Young)
55m Hurdles Stacey Dietrich (Dordt Invite)
55m Hurdles Andrea Larson-Provisional (Dordt Invite)
600m Brianna Hobbs-Provisional (GPAC Indoor)
800m Teresa Scholten-Provisional (GPAC Indoor)
Heptathlon Taylor Bodin-Provisional (GPAC Indoor)


Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
3000m Charity Miles-10:25.34 (1st place) Dordt Invite
60m hurdles Kyle Sauter-8.32 (1st place) Graphic Edge Invite
5000m Charity Miles-18:34.18 (1st place) Minnesota State
600m Corrie Fautsch-1:39.93 (3rd)
Weight Throw Kara Den Herder-49-01.75 (4th)
60m Hurdles Stacey Dietrich-8.76 (2nd)
4x400m Corrie Fautsch, Stacey Dietrich, Ana Morgan, Krystina Smith
Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
Marathon Breann Rozeboom-1:31.42 (Half-Marathon Time @ MLC)
  Ingrid Carlson-1:31.5 (Half-Marathon Time @ MLC)
  Angela Wiggins-1:34.16 (Provisional Mark-Half Marathon Time @ MLC)
High Jump Kendra De Jong-5-09.25 (Vance Butler)
400m Hurdles Kendra De Jong-1:03.74 (GPAC Outdoor)
4x400 W Dietrich, Morgan, DeJong, Smith-3:59.3 (NAIA Provisional) Red Raider Open
5000m Charity Miles-17:47.53 (Red Raider Open)
Shot Put Danielle Fry-42-08.75 (NWC Field Event)
Discus Danielle Fry-137-08 (Sioux City Relays)(NAIA Provisional)
Heptathlon Shannon Bowar-3,506pts (Doane Relays)(NAIA)
Hammer Kara Den Herder-153-04 (USF)(NAIA Provisional)


Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
3000M Charity Miles at John Dalton; 10:20.79
5000M Charity Miles Graphic Edge; 18:01
One Mile Charity Miles: Bill Hillenbrand; 5:13
Shot Put Logan Ogden (provisional) at John Dalton; 14.96m
55m Hurdles Emily DeWeerd (provisional) at BVU Open; 8.84
55m Hurdles Kyle Sauter (provisional) at BVU Open; 7.91
600m Kevin Krueger (provisional) at GPAC Championships; 1:22
Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
Marathon Stephanie Powell: 1:30:19 Half-Marathon Time @ MLC
  Breann Rozeboom: 1:30:23 Half-Marathon Time @ MLC
  Ingrid Carlson: 1:30:29 Half-Marathon Time @ MLC
  Angela Wiggins (Provisional): 1:34:27 Half-Marathon Time @ MLC
10,000 Charity Miles (Red Raider Open): 37:56
Discus Logan Ogden (Red Raider Open): 160-04
Shot Put Logan Ogden (USF Invite): 50-01.25
110m Hurdles Kyle Sauter (USF Invite): 15.0


Indoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
600m LauraJacobson
800m Laura Jacobson
1000m Laura Jacobson
1000m Olivia Johnson
1 mile Olivia Johnson
800m Olivia Johnson (BVU Invite)
3000m Charity Miles
5000m Charity Miles
3000m Sara Hess (GPAC Championships)
55m hurdles Emily De Weerd (Provisional)
High Jump Kaitlin Beaver (Provisional-BVU Invite)
Distance Medley Olivia Johnson, Jess Regan, Laura Jacobson, Charity Miles
4x400 Women's Relay Jess Regan, Lori Wolf, Laura Jacobson, Olivia Johnson (GPAC Championships)
5000m Dan Walhof
3000m Dan Walhof (GPAC Championships)
55m hurdles Kyle Sauter (Provisional-BVU Invite)
Shot Put Logan Ogden (Provisional-John Dalton)
4x400 Men's Relay Kyle Sauter, Kevin Krueger, Brock Jensen, Steve Westerkamp (Provisional)
Outdoor Track and Field
Event Qualifier(s)
Marathon Jon Woehl (1:12:52)
Marathon Jack Peterson-Provisional (1:16.37)
1500m Olivia Johnson (4:40.5)
High Jump Kaitlin Beaver-Provisional (5-04.25)
800m Olivia Johnson (2:14.55-Doane Relays)
10,000m Charity Miles (38:27.9-Doane Relays)
4x800 Women's Relay Laura Jacobson, Steph Powell, Lori Wolf, Olivia Johnson (9:27.7)
4x400 Women's Relay Andrea Wedel, Emily DeWeerd, Jess Regan, Laura Jacobson Provisional (4:00.68)
Shot Put Logan Ogden (6th place-GPAC Championships)