Men's golf

NOR-DOR Cup Monday, April 29, Orange City, Iowa

Meet location

Orange City, IA

Northwestern To Play Dordt in Match-Play Format

The Event...The Northwestern College men's golf team will compete against Dordt College in the "Ryder Cup-like" NOR-DOR Cup on April 29-30. The two-day, 36-hole event will begin on Monday at 1:00pm at Landsmeer Golf Club in Orange City  and will conclude with the final round at The Ridge in Sioux Center beginning at 1pm.

Format...Monday's round will be split, playing Fourball on the front nine and an altered Best-Shot format on the back. The Fourball format is where each player in the foursome plays their own ball on each hole and the player with the lowest score among the four competitors wins the hole for his team. Each nine hole match is worth one point and a match tied ("all-square") results in 1/2-1/2 point split. In the Best-Shot format, each team will decide which player tees off on the odd-numbered holes; the partner will then tee-off on the even-numbered holes. The rest of the remaining shots are alternated until the ball is holed or conceded. The low score wins the hole and each nine-hole match is worth one point and ties are 1/2-1/2 split.

In Tuesday's final round, there will be 10, 1 vs 1 matches where the match winner is determined by the number of holes won. A player must play his ball into the hole, unless the opponent concedes a putt. Each match is worth one point (10 points available for the day) and a match all-square after 18 holes will result in a 1/2-1/2 point split.

Tuesday's Line-up:
12. JD Pluim
11. Andrew Minor
10. Jordan Oltman
9.   Chris Grether
8.  Jordy Reinders
7.  Kyle Stanek
6. Joe Clark
5.  Michael Clark
4.  Ryan Kiewiet
3.  Jay Monahan
2.  Michael Dykema
1.  Neil Malenke